"Acorns and angleworms!"

Soft moss a downy pillow makes
And green leaves spread a tent,
Where Faerie folk may rest and sleep
Until their night is spent.

Ah, human child! You stumbled into a fae hiding :) Here a fairy called Mal collects his thoughts, spiderwebs and pearly laughter of the wind.
Be aware though! Here be beasts and fair spells...

About the Fae

My name is MAL.
This site is a bit of this and that, mainly collecting my links to my various websites :)
Every site here is a static site because, common, these are the best!
You can pour your soul into each html and css letter and the vintage feeling is enchanting.
My collection of sites grow, oh grow grow, so if you keep your eyes peeled, you can find many new stars in my constellation :)
If you want, leave me a word, in a GUESTBOOK :)

Smooth Sailing


Root and Bone - my blog
Unseelie Court - my poetry place
Hellebore Blood - my prose grotto
Nameless Kingdom - my art, less and more scary
Dark Well - my icons well
Elderberries - fae clique
The Coven of the Articulate - anne rice fansite
Kwisatz Haderach - dune fansite
The Hunter - skekMal the Hunter impersonation
Wizarding World - harry potter fansite
Eternal Life - vampires